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Tankii Resistance Wire

TANKII has complete alloy processing equipment from raw materials to finished products, realising efficient production in the whole process.

We independently develop high temperature electric resistance wire (more than 100 types and over 2000 specifications).

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Nickel Chromium Alloy


Nichrome Alloy is a type of alloy wire with high resistance and good corrosion resistance, It has a small coefficient of temperature and can maintain stable performance in different environments.


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Nichrome Alloy 2080 (5)

Iron Chrome Aluminium Alloy


FeCrAl is a new type of high-resistance electric heating alloy with high resistivity,  and good oxidation resistance. With a low coefficient of temperature, it can provide stable performance in various environments.

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Copper Nickel Alloy


Copper-nickel series resistance alloys are widely used in low-voltage circuit breakers, thermal overload relays etc. Our copper-nickel series of low resistivity resistance alloys are characterised by good stability.


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CuNi44 (2)

Copper Manganese Alloy

Manganese copper series resistance alloys have low resistance temperature coefficients, a wide operating temperature range, good processability and good solderability. More aspects of its ability to replace the copper wire resistance alloy.


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Factory Tour

TANKII specializes in the production of various high-quality alloy wires. We focus on serving multiple fields such as electric heating, resistance, cable, and wire mesh. In addition, we also produce heating components.

We also attach great importance to quality management and product research and development. To this end, a product laboratory has been established to strictly control quality. Each product is accompanied by real and traceable test data, allowing customers to use them with peace of mind.

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