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  • enameled copper wire(continued)

    Product standard l. Enameled wire 1.1 product standard of enameled round wire: gb6109-90 series standard; zxd/j700-16-2001 industrial internal control standard 1.2 product standard of enamelled flat wire: gb/t7095-1995 series Standard for test methods of enamelled round and flat wires: gb/t4074-1...
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  • Enameled copper wire(to be continued)

    The enameled wire is a main type of winding wire, which consists of two parts: conductor and insulating layer. After annealing and softening, the bare wire is painted and baked for many times. However, it is not easy to produce products that meet the requirements of standards and customers. It is...
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  • FeCrAl alloy advantage and disadvantage

    FeCrAl alloy advantage and disadvantage

    FeCrAl alloy is very common in electric heating field. Because it has many advantages, of course it also has disadvantages,let study it. Advantages: 1,The use temperature in the atmosphere is high. The maximum service temperature of HRE alloy in iron-chromium-aluminum electrothermal alloy can rea...
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  • Tankii News:What is a resistor?

    The resistor is a passive electrical component to create resistance in the flow of electric current. In almost all electrical networks and electronic circuits they can be found. The resistance is measured in ohms. An ohm is the resistance that occurs when a current of one ampere passes through a ...
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  • TANKII APM Come Out

    Recently, our team has successfully developed TANKII APM. It is an advanced powder metallurgical, dispersion strengthened, ferrite FeCrAl alloy which is used at tube temperatures up to 1250°C (2280°F). TANKII APM tubes have good form stability at high temperature. TANKII APM forms an excellent, n...
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  • How can radiant tubes last longer

    How can radiant tubes last longer

    In fact, each electric heating product has its service life. Few electric heating products can reach more than 10 years. However, if the radiant tube is used and maintained correctly, the radiant tube is more durable than ordinary ones. Let Xiao Zhou introduce it to you. , How to make the radian...
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  • Do you know all these knowledge about resistance wire?

    Do you know all these knowledge about resistance wire?

    For the resistance wire, the power of our resistance can be determined according to the resistance of the resistance wire. The greater its power, it is possible that many people do not know how to choose the resistance wire, and there is not much knowledge about the resistance wire. , Xiaobian wi...
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  • Nickel price hits 11-month high on expectations of robust demand

    Nickel price hits 11-month high on expectations of robust demand

    Nickel, of course, is the key metal mined in Sudbury and by two of the city’s major employers, Vale and Glencore. Also behind higher prices are delays to planned expansions of production capacity in Indonesia until next year. “Following surpluses earlier this year, there could be a narrowing in ...
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