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99.6% pure nickel Ni200 for battery welding

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Pure Nickel WIRE has high resistivity,high temperature strength,excellent mechanical property and anti-corrosion property.The alloy is used to make electrical vacuum device, electronic instrument components and anti-corrosion materials for chemical industry.And it is widely used in aviation,electronics,industrial and medical.
Nickel wire series products are: nickel wire, pure nickel wire, nickel wire, nickel wire, 0.025 mm N4 interchange nickel wire, nickel N6 wire;Nickel wire highest purity can reach 99.99%!
The finest can reach 0.025 mm!
Pure nickel wire production cycle: 3 to 7 days or so
The state: hard state/half hard/soft state
The characteristics of
1, have solderability, high electrical conductivity, appropriate linear expansion coefficient
2, high melting point, corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance, under the hot cold state has good pressure workability, degassing, suitable for radio, electric light source, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, are important structural materials in the vacuum electronic devices.

Basic info.

model No. Ni
port Shanghai,China
type nickel wire
color bright
cross section shape round wire
transport package Acc. to resuest
trade mark TANKII
speification negotiable

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