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Copper Nickel Alloy Strip Constantan Tape /CuNi40 CuNi44 Alloy Strip

Short Description:

Copper Nickel Alloy Strip Constantan Tape /CuNi40 CuNi44 Alloy Strip
Constantan Definition

Resistance alloy with moderate resistivity and low temperature coefficent of resistance with a flat resistance/temperature curve over a wider range than the "manganins". CuNi44 Alloy wire also shows better corrosion resistance than the man ganins. Uses tend to be restricted to ac circuits. CuNi44/ CuNi40 /CuNi45 Constantan Copper Nickel Alloy Wire is also the negative element of the type J thermocouple with Iron being the positive; type J thermocouples are used in heat treating applications. Also, it is the negative element of the type T thermocouple with OFHC Copper the positive; type T thermocouples are used at cryogenic temperatures.

  • Certificate: ISO 9001
  • Size: Customized
  • Resistivity: 0.49
  • Density: 8.9
  • Tensil Strength: 420
  • Elongation: 25
  • surface: bright
  • Diameter: 0.05-0.1
  • Width: 0.5-400
  • Specification: 0.05-5
  • shape: Strip/Wire/Ribbon/Pipe/Sheet/Bar/Foil
  • transport package: carton box/wooden case
  • Product Detail


    Product Tags

    Chemical Content(%)  CuNi44

    Ni Mn Fe Si Cu Other ROHS Directive
    Cd Pb Hg Cr
    44 1.50% 0.5 - Bal - ND ND ND ND

     Mechanical Properties CuNi44

    Max Continuous Service Temp 400 ºC
    Resistivity at 20ºC 0.49 ± 5% ohm*mm2/m
    Density 8.9 g/cm3
    Temperature Coefficient of Resistance < -6  ×10-6/ºC
    EMF VS Cu (0~100ºC) -43 μV/ºC
    Melting Point 1280 ºC
    Tensile Strength Min 420 Mpa
    Elongation Min 25%
    Micrographic Structure Austenite
    Magnetic Property Non.

    Product features:

    1)Excellent anti-oxidation and mechanical strength at high temperature;

    2)High resistivity and low temperature coefficient of resistance;

    3)Excellent reelability and forming performance;

    4)Excellent welding performace


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