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CuNi alloy heating resistance Wire (CuNi1/CuNi2/CuNi5/CuNi6/CuNi8/CuNi10/CuNi14/CuNi19/CuNi23/CuNi34/CuNi40/CuNi44/CuNi45)

Short Description:

Copper Nickel Alloy is mainly made of copper and nickel. The copper and nickel can be melted together no matter what percentage. Normally the resistivity of CuNi alloy will be higher if the Nickel content is larger than Copper content. From CuNi6 to CuNi44, the resistivity is from 0.03μΩm to 0.49μΩm. That will help the resistor manufacture choosing the most suitable alloy wire.

  • grade: CUNI6
  • Chemical Composition: Copper nickel alloy
  • shape: Wire/ Strip/ Ribbon
  • surface: Bright
  • Product Name: CU-NI6
  • Resistivity: 0.1
  • Product Detail


    Product Tags

    As a big manufacturer and exporter in China on the line of electric resistance alloy, we can supply all kinds of electric resistance alloy wire and strips (resistance steel wire and strips),
    Material: CuNi1, CuNi2, CuNi6, CuNi8, CuNi14, CuNi19, CuNi23, CuNi30, CuNi34, CuNi44
    General Description
    Due to has high tensile strength and increased resistivity values, copper nickel alloy wires are the first choice for applications as resistance wires. With the different nickel amount in this product range, the characteristics of the wire can be chosen according to your requirements. Copper nickel alloy wires are available as bare wire, or enamelled wire with any insulation and self-bonding enamel. Furthermore, litz wire made of enamelled copper nickel alloy wire are available.
    1. Higher resistance than copper
    2. High tensile strength
    3. Good bending proof performance
    1. Heating applications
    2. Resistance wire
    3. Applications with high mechanical requirements
    4. Others
    Low-voltage circuit breaker, thermal overload relay, electrical heating cable, electrical heating mats, snow melting cable and mats, ceiling radiant heating mats, Floor heating mats & Cables, Freeze protection cables, electrical heat tracers, PTFE heating cables, hose heaters, and other low-voltage electrical product
    Main grades and properties

    Type Electrical resistivity
    temperature coefficient of resistance
    Max. temperature
    Melting point
    CuNi1 0.03 <1000 8.9 200 1085
    CuNi2 0.05 <1200 8.9 200 1090
    CuNi6 0.10 <600 8.9 220 1095
    CuNi8 0.12 <570 8.9 250 1097
    CuNi10 0.15 <500 8.9 250 1100
    CuNi14 0.20 <380 8.9 300 1115
    CuNi19 0.25 <250 8.9 300 1135
    CuNi23 0.30 <160 8.9 300 1150
    CuNi30 0.35 <100 8.9 350 1170
    CuNi34 0.40 -0 8.9 350 1180
    CuNi40 0.48 ±40 8.9 400 1280
    CuNi44 0.49 <-6 8.9 400 1280

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