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How can radiant tubes last longer


In fact, each electric heating product has its service life. Few electric heating products can reach more than 10 years. However, if the radiant tube is used and maintained correctly, the radiant tube is more durable than ordinary ones. Let Xiao Zhou introduce it to you. , How to make the radiant tube more durable.

It is forbidden to overload the use of radiant tubes for a long time. Each radiant tube has its use limit. If it exceeds the range, it will naturally not be durable.

When the furnace temperature is 400 degrees, remember not to cool down rapidly;

Do not touch the radiant tube when loading and unloading.

When the radiant tube furnace is working, always pay attention to whether the traffic lights on the control panel are normal, because the traffic lights need to be exchanged for a period of time during heat preservation, so as not to burn the radiant tube due to the failure of the control switch.

Recently, our team has successfully developed TANKII APM. It is an advanced powder metallurgical, dispersion strengthened, ferrite FeCrAl alloy which is used at tube temperatures up to 1250°C (2280°F).

TANKII APM tubes have good form stability at high temperature. TANKII APM forms an excellent, non-scaling surface oxide, which gives good protection in most furnace environments, i.e. Oxidising, sulphurous and carbonaceous gas, as well as against deposits of carbon, ash, etc. The combination of excellent oxidation properties and formstability makes the alloy unique.

Typical applications for TANKII APM are radiant tubes in electrically or gas fired furnaces such as continuous galvanizing furnaces, seal quench furnaces, holding furnaces and dosing furnaces in the aluminium, zinc, lead industries, thermocouple protection tubes, furnace muffles for sintering applications.

We can supply APM in the form of wire and tube. Welcome to order or inquiry.

Post time: Oct-30-2020