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Varnished / Enamelled Wire Pure Sterling Silver Agcu7.5 For Motor Coil

Short Description:

  • model no.: AgCu7.5
  • material: Sterling Silver 925
  • insulation: Polister-imide, polyester imine
  • Insulation Material: Polyesterimide, Polyester
  • temperature: 130, 155, 180, 200, 220...
  • Other material: Copper, Manganin, Cupronickel and so on
  • application: Motor coil, relay coil
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    Pure Sterling Silver AgCu7.5 Enamelled/Varnished Wire for Motor Coil Application


    1. Material introducction


    Silver is a chemical element with symbol Ag and atomic number 47. A soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it exhibits the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any metal. The metal is found in the Earth’s crust in the pure, free elemental form (“native silver”), as an alloy with gold and other metals, and in minerals such as argentiteand chlorargyrite. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc refining.

    Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. Silver metal is used in many bullion coins, sometimes alongside gold: while it is more abundant than gold, it is much less abundant as a native metal. Its purity is typically measured on a per-mille basis; a 94%-pure alloy is described as “0.940 fine”. As one of the seven metals of antiquity, silver has had an enduring role in most human cultures.

    Other than in currency and as an investment medium (coins and bullion), silver is used in solar panels, water filtration, jewellery, ornaments, high-value tableware and utensils (hence the term silverware), in electrical contacts and conductors, in specialized mirrors, window coatings, in catalysis of chemical reactions, as a colorant in stained glass and in specialised confectionery. Its compounds are used in photographic and X-ray film. Dilute solutions of silver nitrate and other silver compounds are used as disinfectantsand microbiocides (oligodynamic effect), added to bandages and wound-dressings, catheters, and other medical instruments.


    Chemical Components and Mechanical Properties:

    Material pure 925 sterling silver, brass/copper/bronze
    Logo/Stamp original stamp: 925, or laser logo as customers’ requirements
    Plating rhodium, silver, K-gold, rose gold, black,ect
    Stone cubic zirconia, ruby, spinel, glass, agate, turquoise, etc
    MOQ Silver Jewelry:50pcs/design; Copper Jewelry:100 pcs/design
    Packing 1pcs/polybag +air bubble +carton
    Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, PayPal
    30% deposit before production, and balance before shipping.
    Shipping Way TNT, DHL, EMS, etc.


    2. Insulation Description


    Polyimide insulated magnet wire is capable of operation at up to 250 °C. The insulation of thicker square or rectangular magnet wire is often augmented by wrapping it with a high-temperature polyimide or fiberglass tape, and completed windings are often vacuum impregnated with an insulating varnish to improve insulation strength and long-term reliability of the winding.

    Self-supporting coils are wound with wire coated with at least two layers, the outermost being a thermoplastic that bonds the turns together when heated.

    Other types of insulation such as fiberglass yarn with varnish, aramid paper, kraft papaer, mica,and polyester film are also widely used across the world for various applications like transformers and reactors. In the audio sector, a wire of silver construction, and various other insulators, such as cotton (sometimes permeated with some kind of coagulating agent/thickener, such as beeswax) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can be found. Older insulation materials included cotton, paper, or silk, but these are only useful for low-temperature applications (up to 105°C).

    For ease of manufacturing, some low-temperature-grade magnet wire has insulation that can be removed by the heat of soldering. This means that electrical connections at the ends can be made without stripping off the insulation first.


    Type of Insulation

    Insulation-enamelled Name Thermal LevelºC(working time 2000h) Code Name GB Code ANSI. TYPE
    Polyurethane enamelled wire 130 UEW QA MW75C
    Polyester enamelled wire 155 PEW QZ MW5C
    Polyester-imide enamelled wire 180 EIW QZY MW30C
    Polyester-imide and polyamide-imide double coated enameled wire 200 EIWH(DFWF) QZY/XY MW35C
    Polyamide-imide enamelled wire 220 AIW QXY MW81C


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