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0.1mm 180 class Enameled Polyurethane Nichrome Wire High Temperature Colored Wire

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port : Shanghai,China
  • brand : Tankii
  • conductor material : Ni80Cr20
  • application: transformer insulation
  • type: Enameled
  • color: as required
  • MOQ: 30 kg
  • Product Detail


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    Product Description

    These enameled resistance wires have been broadly used for standard resistors, automobile
    parts, winding resistors, etc. using the insulation processing best suited for these applications, taking full advantage of the distinctive features of enamel coating.

    Furthermore, we will carry out enamel coating insulation of precious metal wire such as silver and platinum wire upon order. Please make use of this production-on-order.


    Type Of Bare Alloy Wire

    The alloy we can do enamelled are Copper-nickel alloy wire,Constantan wire,Manganin wire. Kama Wire,NiCr Alloy wire,FeCrAl Alloy wire etc alloy wire


    Round wire:0.018mm~2.5mm

    Color of enamel insulation:Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Blue,Nature etc.

    Ribbon Size:0.01mm*0.2mm~1.2mm*5mm

    Moq:5kg each size


    Copper Description: 

    Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure copper has a reddish-orange color. Copper is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, as a building material, and as a constituent of various metal alloys, such as sterling silver used in jewelry, cupronickel used to make marine hardware and coins, and constantan used in strain gauges and thermocouples for temperature measurement.

    Copper is one of the few metals that can occur in nature in a directly usable metallic form (native metals). This led to very early human use in several regions, from c. 8000 BC. Thousands of years later, it was the first metal to be smeltedfrom sulfide ores, c. 5000 BC, the first metal to be cast into a shape in a mold, c. 4000 BC and the first metal to be purposefully alloyed with another metal, tin, to create bronze, . 3500 BC.

    The commonly encountered compounds are copper(II) salts, which often impart blue or green colors to such minerals as azurite, malachite, and turquoise, and have been used widely and historically as pigments.

    Copper used in buildings, usually for roofing, oxidizes to form a green verdigris (or patina). Copper is sometimes used in decorative art, both in its elemental metal form and in compounds as pigments. Copper compounds are used as bacteriostatic agents, fungicides, and wood preservatives.

    Copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral because it is a key constituent of the respiratory enzyme complex cytochrome c oxidase. In molluscs and crustaceans, copper is a constituent of the blood pigment hemocyanin, replaced by the iron-complexed hemoglobin in fish and other vertebrates. In humans, copper is found mainly in the liver, muscle, and bone. The adult body contains between 1.4 and 2.1 mg of copper per kilogram of body weight.



    Type of Insulation

    Insulation-enamelled Name Thermal LevelºC

    (working time 2000h)

    Code Name GB Code ANSI. TYPE
    Polyurethane enamelled wire 130 UEW QA MW75C
    Polyester enamelled wire 155 PEW QZ MW5C
    Polyester-imide enamelled wire 180 EIW QZY MW30C
    Polyester-imide and polyamide-imide double coated enameled wire 200 EIWH


    QZY/XY MW35C
    Polyamide-imide enamelled wire 220 AIW QXY MW81C

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