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Bayonet Heating Elements

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Bayonet heating elements are a reliable and efficient solution for electric heating applications. Bayonets are rugged, deliver a lot of power and are extremely versatile when used with radiant tubes.

These elements are custom designed for the voltage and input (KW) required to satisfy the application.  There are a wide variety of configurations available in either large or small profiles.  Mounting can be vertical or horizontal, with heat distribution selectively located according to the required process.  Bayonet elements are designed with ribbon alloy and watt densities for furnace temperatures up to 1800°F (980°C).

Primary Element Alloys:
NiCr 80/20,Ni/Cr 70/30 and Fe/Cr/Al.

Maximum Element Temperature:
Ni/Cr: 2100°F (1150°C)
Fe/Cr/Al:2280°F (1250°C)

Power Rating:
Up to 100 kW/element

2 to 7-3/4 in. O.D. (50.8 to 196.85 mm) up to 20 ft. long (7 m).
Tube OD: 50~280mm
Custom fabricated to application requirements.

Bayonet heating elements uses range from heat treat furnaces and die casting machines to molten salt baths and incinerators. They are also useful in converting gas-fired furnaces to electric heating.
Bayonet has many advantages:

Rugged, reliable and versatile
Broad power and temperature range
Excellent high temperature performance
Easy to install and replace
Long service life at all temperatures
Compatible with radiant tubes
Eliminates the need for transformers
Horizontal or vertical mounting
Repairable to extend service life

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