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Open coil heater used for duct process heating/forced air/ovens/pipe heating applications

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Open coil heaters are air heaters that expose the maximum heating element surface area directly to an airflow. The choice of alloy, dimensions, and wire gauge are strategically chosen to create a custom solution based on an application’s unique needs. Basic application criteria to consider include temperature, airflow, air pressure, environment, ramp speed, cycling frequency, physical space, available power, and heater life.

National heaters open coil electric duct heaters are available in any size from 6” x 6” up to 144” x 96” and up to 1000 KW in one section. Single heater units are rated to produce up to 22.5 KW per square foot of duct area. Multiple heaters can be made and field installed together to accommodate large duct sizes or KW’s. All voltages to 600-volt single and three phase are available.

Applications :

Air Duct heating
Furnace heating
Tank heating
Pipe heating
Metal tubing

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