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Quartz Heating Tube, Carbon Fiber Heating Tube, Ruby Heating Pipe, Quartz Circlip Shape Heating Tubes Pipe

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Carbon fiber quartz heating tube is the electric heating element carbon fiber as a product, the product has the following characteristics:
1. Energy-saving sex strong. Carbon fiber as heating element, with in the start off to keep rated power, won't produce instant maximum power, even heating, hot lag small, and the speed of temperature rise fast, and carbon fiber hot conversion efficiency of up to 98%, and energy-saving sex strong.
2. Long service life. The carbon fiber and quartz glass tube manufacturing, the heating tube life can reach 6000 hours.
3. Health care function is strong. Carbon fiber as heating element, it fired eight to 14 micron far infrared ray almost all human skin and subcutaneous tissue absorbed by human body cell, cause the atom resonance, form the heating effect. Promote the skin and subcutaneous tissue of temperature rise, make the person produces the heat from inner to outer. Promote and improve blood circulation; Increase metabolism; Improve the body's immune function

  • Model NO.: SHTQ -081
  • Trademark: TANKII
  • Specification: superior quality
  • Transport Package: Carton Packaging Wooden Case
  • Origin: Shanghai China
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    Can be widely used in industry, agriculture and civil heating dry and warm.

    This product is suitable for: A space heater, bath bully, heater, far infrared treatment machine, beauty apparatus, industrial paint, printing machines, packing machinery, food oven, apparatus, drying machine, tea drying machine, a wig drying, food oven, drying and drying and all kinds of far infrared area; Widely used in painting, plastic spraying, plastic equipment and various kinds of drying channel, has good effect.

    I company specializing in the production of carbon fiber far-infrared quartz heating tube voltage, general, power can be made according to the customer demand.

    Product categories: 1, 2, electric heat pipe type straight U electric heat pipe 3, Ω Type electric heat pipe 4, pear electric heat pipe

    Products: 1, carbon fiber felt body tube 2, carbon fiber winding tube 3, carbon fiber woven pipe 4, single head outlet pipe

    Infrared radiation heating tube categories:

    The substance of the infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies constitutes a very wide spectrum – from the visible to the infrared. The temperature of the heating wire (filament or carbon fiber, etc. ) determines the distribution of the heating tube radiation intensity with wavelength. According to the position of the maximum intensity of the radiation in the spectral distribution of the infrared radiation heating tube categories: Short-wave (wavelength 0.76 ~ 2.0μ M or so), the medium-wave and long-wave (wavelength of about 2.0 ~ 4.0μ M) (4.0μ M wavelength above)

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