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Infrared Emitters Quartz Lamps Tube Infrared Heat Bulb Halogen Heater for Drying Silk Screening

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Infrared heating tube classification

 According to infrared radiation wavelength: short wave, fast medium wave, medium wave, long wave (far infrared) infrared heating tube
According to the shape: single hole, double hole, special-shaped heating tube (U-shaped, Omega-shaped, ring, etc.) heating tube
Divided by function: transparent, ruby, half-plated white, half-plated, fully-plated (coated), frosted heating tube
According to heating material: halogen heating tube (tungsten wire), carbon heating tube (carbon fiber, carbon felt), electric heating tube
advantages and features:

  1. “Heraues”gold liquid, 10% is fine gold
  2. 1.2mm thicker wall. more firm
  3. Suitable for zone control
  4. comfort and direct heating.
  5. No emissions or noise
  6. Direct heating –  heats objects not air.
  7. Dimmable for heat to match your needs.
  8. No preheating giving efficient heating.
  9. Ease of installation


Technical parameters:


Format Length(mm) Wave length()mm Volt(v) Power(w) Dia(mm)
Single tube 280-1200 200-1120 220-240 200-2000 10/12/14/15
Twins tube

With 1 side connection

185-1085 100-1000 115/120 100-1500  


385-1585 300-1500 220-240 800-3000
785-2085 700-2000 380-480 1500-6000
Twins tube

With 2 sides connection

185-1085 100-1000 115/120 200-3000  


385-1585 300-1500 220-240 800-12000
785-2085 700-2000 380-480 1000-12000

Comparation between 4 types of heater :


Contrast Item Infrared heat emitter from yuancheng Milk white heat emitter Stainless heat emitter
High infrared emitter Medium wave heat emitter
Heating element Tungsten alloy wire/

Carbon fiber

Ni-Cr alloy wire Iron-nickel wire Iron-nickel wire
Structure and sealing Transparent quartz

glass filled with Inert

gas by vacuum way

Encapsulated directly

in Transparent

quartz glass

Encapsulated directly

in Milk white

quartz glass

Encapsulated directly

in Stainless pipe

or Iron pipe

Thermal efficiency Highest Higher High Low
Temperature control Best Better Good Bad
Wavelength range Short,Medium,Long Medium,Long Medium,Long Medium,Long
Average life Longer Longer Long Short
Radiation attenuation Less Little Much Much
Thermal inertia Smallest Smaller Small Big
Temperature rise speed Faster Fast Fast Slow
Temperature tolerance 1000 Degrees C 800 Degrees C Under 500 Degrees C  

Under 600 Degrees C


Corrosion resistance Best(Besides

hydrofluoric acid)

Better Good Worse
Explosion resistance Better(Do not burst

when contact with

cold water)

Better(Do not burst

when contact with

cold water)

Worse(Burst easily

when contact with

cold water)

Good(Do not burst

when contact with

cold water)

Insulation Better Good Good Bad
Targeted heating Yes Yes No No
Mechanical strength Good Good Bad Best
Unit Price Higher High Cheap High

economic efficiency

Best Better Good  

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