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Quartz Glass Radiantor Infrared Lamps Heater Carbon Fiber IR Heat Tube

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advantages and features:
Very High Heating Rates. The extremely high source temperature of the tungsten filament leads to high thermal transfer and extremely fast heating.
Fast Response. The low thermal mass of the tungsten filament gives outstanding control of the heat output and process temperature. Full output can be obtained within seconds of applied power. Also, power can be turned off almost immediately if production should stop.
Controllable Output. Output can be controlled precisely to match the temperature requirements of the process.
Directional Heating. Systems are able to selectively heat specific regions of the part.
Clean Heating. Electric heat source is environmentally clean and efficient.
High Heating Efficiencies. Up to 86% of input electrical power is converted to radiant energy (heat).
Technical parameters:

Infrared heater specification Voltage Power Length
Min 120v 50w 100mm
Max 480v 10000w 3300mm
quartz glass tube cross-section 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 11×23 mm twin tube 15x33mm twin tube

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