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Type N6 (Ni200) N4 (Ni201) Pure Nickel Wire for Wholesale

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Nickel has high chemical stability and good corrosion resistance in many media. Its standard electrode position is -0.25V, which is positive than iron and negative than copper.Nickel exhibits good corrosion resistance in the absence of dissolved oxygen in dilute non-oxidized properties (e.g., HCU, H2SO4), especially in neutral and alkaline solutions.This is because nickel has the ability to passivate, forming a dense protective film on the surface, which prevents nickel from further oxidation.
Main application fields:
Chemical and chemical engineering, generator anti-wet corrosion components (water inlet heater and steam pipe), pollution control equipment (waste gas sulfur removal equipment), etc.

Company profile

Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co., Ltd. Focus on the production of resistance alloy(nichrome Alloy, FeCrAl Alloy, copper nickel alloy, thermocouple wire, precision alloy and thermal spray alloy in the form of wire, sheet, tape, strip, rod and plate. We’ve already got ISO9001 quality system certificate and approval of ISO14001 environmental protection system. We own a complete set of advanced production flow of refining, cold reduction, drawing and heat treating etc. We also proudly have independent R&D capacity.

Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co., Ltd has accumulated lots of experiences over 35 years in this field. During these years, more than 60 management elites and high science and technology talents were employed. They participated in every walk of the company life, which make our company keep blooming and invincible in the competitive market. Based on the principle of “first quality, sincere service”, our managing ideology is pursuing technology innovation and creating the top brand in the alloy field. We persist in Quality – the foundation of the survival. It is our forever ideology to serve you with full heart and soul. We committed to provide customers all over the world with high-quality, competitive products and perfect service.

Our products, such us nichrome alloy, precision alloy, thermocouple wire, fecral alloy, copper nickel alloy, thermal spray alloy have been exported to over 60 countries in the world. We are willing to establish strong and long-time partnership with our customers. Most complete range of products dedicated to Resistance, Thermocouple and Furnace manufacturers Quality with end to end production control Technical support and Customer Service.


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